Maestro Abhay Rustum Sopori 

Europe & Russia Tour - 2017

Abhay Rustum Sopori Europe and Russia Tour 2016

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Dear friends!
We are happy to inform you that the Magic of Santoor Tour of Music Maestro Abhay Rustum Sopori 2016, accompanied by Tabla master Sachin Sharma, was completed very successfully!
During the months of April, May and June of 2016, artists were visiting with concerts 13 countries of Europe and Russia. People around the Europe really felt the magic of Indian classical music, that truly left them in meditative state!
So we can see, the goal of the Tour - to bring some magic into people`s life with the help of divine medium - music - was achieved successfully! We are looking for another Tour in future, if you want to organize a concert at your place, please contact us




Abhay Rustum Sopori and Sachin Sharma in St.Petersburg, Russia June 9 2016

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